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How Data And Connectivity Could Change Your Gym Habit

I covered the company at its launch during the TechStars demo day, because I was impressed that it had created algorithms that can track what movement a person is making. At the time, the companys CEO and co-founder Peter Li wasnt sure if he wanted to license the motion algorithm technology to other fitness tracking read companies or to produce an actual tracker. Subscribe to gigaom.com We decided to go all in, he said in an interview on Friday. There was so much we could do if we decided to control the whole experience. Some of those things include building a community of users, some of Max Workouts for women whom will be fitness professionals, whose data will be used to calculate an algorithm for proper form on certain exercises. So not only will the Atlas band be able to tell when you are doing push ups, it can tell if you are doing them correctly. The company is raising money via an Indiegogo campaign , and the final band should ship in December. Its working with Dragon Innovations to perfect the device, which it plans to sell for around $200. Li expects to launch a software development kit and an API for companies to build products that work with the Atlas band, although hes not sure he has the staff at the moment to support a bunch of devices and services out of the gate.
More http://money.cnn.com/news/newsfeeds/gigaom/articles/2014_02_14_how_data_and_connectivity_could_change_your_gym_habit.html

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